After 20 years of operation, PPD Company was transformed into PPD Group, a system that teams employees of natural gas experts and professionals in PPD companies in Croatia, Hungary, Switzerland, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Italy.

PPD conducts business in European natural gas markets thanks to its highly qualified and experienced teams based in Zagreb (Croatia), Lugano (Switzerland) and Budapest (Hungary). With their combined knowledge of logistics, financing, risk and specifications conformation, PPD has direct access to the largest wholesale markets with bilateral trade, exchange markets and broker platforms and can secure short-term, mid-term and long-term supplies. With our long-standing experience in managing the procurement of natural gas and optimizing facility and storage capacities, we are able to provide our customers with a well-structured tailor-made product.

Through trading in the busiest European natural gas trading point TTF and conducting business internationally (Austria, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria) we have been able to identify opportunities for trade between the mentioned markets, within the common European natural gas market.

We are listed in the following natural gas exchange markets: CEGH, CEGH CZ, TTF, PDV, BGH, BRM.

PPD has increased its trade volumes year after year, in accordance with our strategic investments and in view of our goal of providing high quality, flexible and reliable service to its business partners.

Our cooperation with strong international partners is an assurance of a secure and reliable delivery of natural gas to the Croatian market. The secured storage capacities for natural gas in Croatia and abroad guarantee sufficient quantities of natural gas at every moment.

We base our cooperation with our partners on honesty and quality, seeking to establish long-term relationships. In our everyday operations we provide a direct and accessible relationship, and through our investment in the knowledge of our employees we develop experts whose ideas make PPD one of the strongest companies in the region.

Energia Naturalis (ENNA) manages approximately 20 companies owned by the Group, whose special strength is the broad spectrum of its operations, ranging from trade and supply of natural gas to sustainable energy resources, to trading in oil products and other goods and to investment projects and transport operations.

Major companies that are part of ENNA Group include PPD, ENNA Transport, Port of Ploče, Petrokemija.

PPD Company and PPD Group, a group of PPPD companies in Croatia, Hungary, Switzerland, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina dealing in natural gas trade and supply, have been instrumental in the successful operation of the Group.

Through PPD Company, the Group has partnered with INA, the leading oil company in Croatia, to acquire controlling shares in Petrokemija, the only company in Croatia that produces mineral fertilizers.

ENNA Transport is the first privately owned railway transport company in Croatia with a share of over 20 percent in the Croatian market.

The Group also owns controlling shares in Luka Ploče d.d. and co-owns Adriatic Tank Terminals in the Port of Ploče.

The Energia Naturalis business system is one of the fastest growing companies in Croatia and the region. By owning port facilities, railway facilities and storage facilities, the Group has posited itself as a uniquely comprehensive and integrated logistic operator in the region. One of the leading investors in the region, the ENNA Group aims at generating knowledge, innovation and development in Croatia and the region.

Mr Pavao Vujnovac is the owner and President of the Management Board of Energia Naturalis Group.