PPD is a private Croatian company from Vukovar that deals with the import, sale and supply of natural gas. PPD has its headquarters in Croatia and companies in Switzerland, Hungary and Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia, through which it operates its business throughout Europe.

Since Croatia does not produce enough natural gas to meet its needs for natural gas, our cooperation with strong international partners provides the Croatian market with security and reliability in the supply of gas. Furthermore, PPD has secured storage capacities for gas both in Croatia and abroad, allowing the storage of gas in times of favourable price trends and guaranteeing the delivery of required amounts of natural gas at all times.

We base our cooperation with our partners on honesty and quality, aiming at establishing long-term relationships. In our everyday operations we cultivate a direct approach and accessibility, and by investing in the knowledge of our employees we develop experts whose ideas make PPD one of the strongest companies in the region.

Our buyers are the largest business and industrial consumers, as well as the largest suppliers in the distribution areas.

PPD actively participates in discussions concerning energy supply and in the development of the relevant Croatian legislation.

PPD is owned by the Energia Naturalis Group (ENNA), which manages some 20 companies within the group. It has a broad spectrum of operations – ranging from the distribution and supply of natural gas, renewable energy sources, trade in petroleum products, information and communication technologies to investment projects and transport.

The Group has finalised the first stage of construction of an LPG terminal in the Port of Ploče (which is entering further stages of construction and operation as ATT – the Adriatic Tank Terminal).

The Energia Naturalis business group is one of the fastest growing companies in Croatia and the region. In view of the port, railways and storage facilities, it is a very serious and integrated logistics operator that is unique in our region. ENNA is also one of the leading investors in the region.

We can boast that we are one of the few, if not the only Croatian company that has an equal number of women and men in top management positions. Women make up half of our Managing Board, and the successes of our companies were actually achieved by mixed teams in what is almost exclusively seen as „man's work“.

Energia Naturalis aims at becoming a generator of know-how, innovation and development both in Croatia and the region.



Our recruitment policy and our relationship towards our employees rest on the principles of creating high-quality team relationships, as well as encouraging the individual qualities and creativity of employees.

We have brought together a young, driving, highly trained and highly motivated team made up of:

  • 36% women and 64% men
  • Almost 60% university trained employees, over 40 % of whom are engineers
  • The average age in the Energia Naturalis group is 36


  • End-user satisfaction
  • Compliance with strong safety norms and professional standards
  • A high level of professionalism in approaching the business
  • Promoting knowledge and human potentials
  • Application of new technological solutions

By applying technology, knowledge and business excellence, as a reliable and standard partner, we aim at contributing to improving the quality of life and business results of our private and commercial users.