We invest in the future

The “Vukovarsko novo sutra” (The Vukovar New Tomorrow) Foundation is a Croatian non-profit organisation devoted to making our society more successful, more educated and more humane.

Humanness, Heritage, Start-ups and Scholarships are the four fields of activity through which we support and promote excellence and good deeds. We believe that by working together we can make our surroundings a better place where exceptional young people receive education regardless of their material status, where the gifted create, and the vulnerable and needy receive the help and attention they require in order to integrate into society.

The seat of the “Vukovarsko novo sutra” Foundation is in Vukovar, and it was founded by Mr. Pavao Vukovac, the owner and president of the board of ENNA Group and the PPD Company.


Croatia without obstacles caused by the surroundings, circumstances or the times in which we live. The Foundation will provide exceptional individuals, organisations and projects with the opportunity of realizing their full potential.


The “Vukovarsko novo sutra” Foundation is devoted to removing obstacles that our society is currently placing before individuals and organisations. Our joint efforts are aimed at promoting excellence, good deeds and helping those in need by improving life in the surroundings we operate in.

Learn more about the Foundation at www.novosutra.hr